Whole-Body Segmentation with Keypoint Transfer

Whole-Body Segmentation with Keypoint Transfer

Segmentation of abdominal organs in whole-body scans is becoming increasingly important as whole-body scans are, for instance, part of the imaging protocol in large population studies like UKBiobank or GNC. In our recent TMI article, we presented a fast segmentation approach that uses keypoints. Keypoints are popular in computer vision, notably SIFT. In medical imaging, they are less well explored, but 3D extensions have been proposed for volumetric medical images. In this work, we used correspondences between keypoints to transfer organ segmentations. The algorithm is illustrated in the animation below.

Paper: Keypoint Transfer for Fast Whole-Body Segmentation


Comparing the keypoint transfer algorithm to established methods, like atlas- or patch-based methods, we work with sparse correspondences.


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