AI-Med at SAP ML Retreat

A Brief Insight into SAP’s first ML Research Retreat 
Our team members Benjamin Gutierrrez and Abhijit Guha Roy presented our current projects on SAP’s first Machine Learning Research Retreat.

News article about our work on AI and age estimation

How AI Will Push the Frontiers of Modern Medicine
Interview with Sophia Haegerich on our Brain Age Anomaly project with SAP and the future of AI in healthcare.

Nomination for Young Scientist Award at MICCAI 2017

We are happy to announce that Abhijit Guha Roy was one of 12 students nominated for the Young Scientist Award at MICCAI 2017.

Student Travel Awards at MICCAI 2017

Our MICCAI 2017 papers “A Multi-Armed Bandit to Smartly Select a Training Set from Big Medical Data” by Benjamin Gutierrez and “Error Corrective Boosting for Learning Fully Convolutional Networks with Limited Data” by Abhijit Guha Roy obtained a Student Travel Award.

3 papers accepted at MICCAI 2017 MICCAI 2017

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Junior research group funding from ZD.B

Christian Wachinger received funding for creating a junior research group on “Computational Population Modeling from Big Medical Image Data” from Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern.

DeepNAT published in NeuroImage

DeepNAT: Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Segmenting Neuroanatomy

Article on asymmetry in Alzheimer’s Disease published in Brain

Using BrainPrint to compute brain asymmetry, we found that asymmetry increases with the progression of dementia. Whole-brain Analysis Reveals Increased Neuroanatomical Asymmetries in Dementia for Hippocampus and Amygdala (PDF).

The asymmetry article was featured as Research highlight in the journal Nature Reviews Neurology