Benjamin Gutierrez Becker


About me.

I am a Postdoctoral Research. I have previously done my PhD studies at the Chair of Computer Aided Procedures under the supervision of Nassir Navab. My main research topics are focused on the application of Machine Learning techniques for the analysis and processing of medical images.

Research Interests.

  • Machine Learning for Medical Image Processing
  • Reinforcement Learning applied to Dataset Optimization
  • Statistical Shape Modelling
  • Age Estimation from MR images


  • Student Travel Award MICCAI 2016
  • Young Investigator Award MICCAI 2016
  • Student Travel Award MICCAI 2017


Gutierrez-Becker, Benjamin; Klein, Tassilo; Wachinger, Christian

Deep Multi-Structural Shape Analysis: Application to Neuroanatomy Conference Forthcoming

MICCAI 2018, Forthcoming.

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Gutierrez-Becker, Benjamin ; Klein, Tassilo ; Wachinger, Christian

Gaussian process uncertainty in age estimation as a measure of brain abnormality Journal Article

NeuroImage, 2018.

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Gutierrez-Becker, Benjamin; Peter, Loic; Klein, Tassilo; Wachinger, Christian

A Multi-Armed Bandit to Smartly Select a Training Set from Big Medical Data Conference

Proceedings of MICCAI 2017, Elsevier, 2017.

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Gutierrez-Becker, Benjamin ; Mateus, Diana ; Peter, Loic ; Navab, Nassir

Guiding Multimodal Registration with Learned Optimization Updates Journal Article

Medical Image Analysis, 2017.

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Riva, Marco ; Hennersperger, Christoph ; Milletari, Fausto ; Katouzian, Amin ; Pessina, Federico ; Gutierrez-Becker, Benjamin ; Castellano, Antonella ; Navab, Nassir ; Bello, Lorenzo

3D intra-operative ultrasound and MR image guidance: pursuing an ultrasound-based management of brainshift to enhance neuronavigation Journal Article

International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, pp. 1–15, 2017.


Dubost, Florian ; Peter, Loic ; Rupprecht, Christian ; Gutierrez-Becker, Benjamin ; Navab, Nassir

Hands-Free Segmentation of Medical Volumes via Binary Inputs Proceeding

Springer International Publishing 2016.

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Gutierrez-Becker, Benjamin ; Mateus, Diana ; Peter, Loic ; Navab, Nassir

Learning Optimization Updates for Multimodal Registration Proceeding

Springer 2016.

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Simonovsky, Martin; Gutierrez-Becker, Benjamin; Mateus, Diana; Navab, Nassir; Komodakis, Nikos

A Deep Metric for Multimodal Registration Proceeding

Springer 2016.

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Gutierrez-Becker, Benjamin ; Mateus, Diana ; Shiban, Ehab ; Meyer, Bernhard ; Lehmberg, Jens ; Navab, Nassir

A sparse approach to build shape models with routine clinical data Proceeding

IEEE 2014.


Gutierrez-Becker, Benjamin ; Cosio, Fernando Arambula ; Huerta, Mario Guzman E; Benavides-Serralde, Jesus Andres ; Camargo-Marin, Lisbeth ; journal={Medical biological engineering computing Medina Banuelos, Veronica} & &

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Gutierrez-Becker, Benjamin; Arambula, Fernando; Guzman, Mario; Benavides, Jesus

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